Prayer Energy

By Richard Lawrence, co-written with Mark Bennett

Discover the little-understood keys of successful prayer as revealed in the inspirational and beautifully illustrated Prayer Energy.

Drawing on New Age wisdom and core truths from a variety of faiths and spiritual traditions around the world, it also outlines Dr. George King’s brilliant technique of dynamic prayer.

Revealing a profound connection between positive thought and powerful change, it shares the secrets of making your prayer really work, enabling you to experience the beauty, exhilaration and magic of this ancient science – which can help lead to peace, healing, fulfilment, joy and enlightenment for yourself and others.

Included are over 30 of the most inspiring, uplifting prayers from the world’s many cultures and faiths – some may be familiar, others new. Arranged in themed chapters, there are prayers for peace, travel, compassion, healing, and many more. All will help to inspire powerful, positive change.

Special offer: Purchasers of this book will also receive a free copy of A Book of Sacred Prayers.

“Highly recommended.” – Kindred Spirit magazine

“It leaves the confinement of religious dogma behind to bring a respectful and insightful view on prayer in which the most important ingredient is love.” – Paradigm Shift magazine

Hardback; 160 pages.

Real prayer is not a device for trying to get whatever we want.  It is an expression of love.  To pray properly, we must unchain the shackles of selfishness from our hearts and condition the energy we invoke with the power of love. – Richard Lawrence