Cosmic Voice – Volume No. 2

By Dr. George King

This second compilation of a number of early issues of The Aetherius Society’s journal Cosmic Voice explores more fascinating subjects including: amazing insights into trance, conspiracy, non-violence, the true spiritual nature of Christmas, and contact with beings from other planets.

It also contains transcriptions of recordings of messages given by Cosmic Masters from the higher planes of Mars, Venus, Jupiter and even Saturn, who spoke through the yogic mediumship of Dr. King. Together they form some of the most profound wisdom you will find anywhere on Earth.

Softback; 91 pages.

Recommended to anyone with an open-minded interest in extraterrestrial life and a yearning for spiritual truth.

Dear friends, what is peace? Surely it is something which is above politics, above national interest, above even that thing which you upon Terra call love. Peace, dear friends, is enlightenment. There is only one sin in the whole Cosmic system, that is the sin of ignorance. Please spell that again – enlightenment – and you have peace. – The Master Aetherius