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The Holy Mountains of the World – Charged in Operation Starlight

Edited by The Rev. Charles Abrahamson

Operation Starlight was a worldwide metaphysical operation carried out between 1958 and 1961 by Cosmic Masters in cooperation with Dr. George King, and a handful of other people, in which 19 mountains were made forever holy.

These holy mountains are potent New Age power centers, for the benefit of all. Anyone, regardless of their religious background, can travel to them and radiate their power out to the world.

This book provides background to the charging of these mountains as well as the details of where they are so that you can, as a New Age pilgrim, assist in the essential task of the radiation of spiritual energy to bring harmony and balance to our world.

Softback; 129 pages.

This book is recommended to those interested in visiting holy places and radiating spiritual power

Bid the pilgrims to come hither, so that they may radiate to all, the Light now in this glistening jewel in the Body of She Whose sacrifice gave unto man the opportunity to realize his Divinity. – The Master Jesus