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By Dr. George King

The Earth is a living being – a great Goddess who hides her true light under the bushel of a material form so that we can live here. The myth of a fiery hell existing beneath the surface of the Earth could not be more wrong.

This remarkable account describes the supernormal experiences of Dr. King who made two visits in a projected state deep into the center of Earth near the living heart of the planet. He was met on both occasions by the three ancient Lords of the Flame who protect the life force of this great living being. Beautiful insights are given into the inner secrets of this Goddess upon whom we live.

Softback; 125 pages.

Recommended to the more advanced seeker who is already familiar with Dr. George King’s space contacts.

I will tell you this, every person on Earth should thank the Divinity in which they believe for creating a Being such as this. A Being Who, because of Her long-suffering compassion, has given you a beautiful classroom on which to gain your experience, on which to evolve towards that Perfect God from Which all things originated. – Dr George King