Gods, Guides and Guardian Angels

by Richard Lawrence with Mark Bennett

This was voted the number one book on spirituality in the Kindred Spirit 21st Anniversary Awards (one of the most prestigious mind-body-spirit magazines in the UK, US and Canada).

  • Do we live forever?
  • What’s it like on the “other side”?
  • Can we communicate with the deceased?
  • Do Gods really exist?
  • Who are the Ascended Masters?
  • Have guides changed the course of history?
  • Could a guardian angel save your life?

Unlike many psychics, Richard Lawrence wasn’t born with a “gift” – he began to develop his abilities through practising the techniques of Dr. George King over 30 years ago.

In this book Richard explains, with captivating frankness and authority, what communicating with the departed is really like – and how the message of those beyond this plane of existence is relevant to every single one of us. It covers an array of Richard’s personal psychic experiences, from channeling poetry to performing exorcisms.

Softback; 212 pages.

Recommended to anyone interested in mediumship, spirit communication and higher beings.

The Master has a choice of leaving the Earth, or remaining here and going through what is known as the Initiation of Ascension, which makes him or her immortal.  This means that they will have a body which will never age.  They will not be victim to the ravages of time, they will never become old in the way we do – a concept which we find in ancient Eastern thought.  They no longer require this experience.  Instead of illness and senility, age will bring the wisdom and spiritual opportunity. – Richard Lawrence