UFOs – why are they here?

UFOs – why are they here?

A UFO is supposedly an ‘unidentified flying object’ but UFOs have been recorded from time ufo2immemorial and have been known by many different names.  It was on June 24th 1947, that an Idaho pilot named Kenneth Arnold saw what was described by the media as ‘flying saucers’, and from then on they became a public phenomenon.

The modern ‘space age’ consciousness and the event of global communication have both helped to spread and imbed the awareness of UFO evidence in the public mind. Surveys have shown that around 50% of western populations believe in UFOs. In other parts of the world, especially Asia and South America, the existence of UFOs is widely accepted.  Two authors who definitively establish existence of UFOs are Timothy Good and Steven Greer.

UFO Cover-up

Official comments on this vitally important phenomenon are reduced in general to denials.

For instance New Zealand’s own world famous Kaikoura sightings in December 1978 were described as possibly the most technically recorded in civilian ufology. They involved multiple witnesses, two independent audio tape recordings made during the sightings, movie film by a professional news cameraman, as well as being tracked on ground and air radar.

However, the official position concluded they were either Jupiter, Venus, squid boats and/or harbour lights. The pilot, Captain Bill Startup, commented that they hadn’t explained how Jupiter, Venus and the harbour lights could be travelling at 140 knots (260 kph) according to his radar!

From testimony and photographs, modern miracles are demonstrated by UFOs including colossal speeds, a complex trail picture shown on a single frame (as in the Kaikoura sightings), unbelievable turns, and what appears to be dematerialisation and materialisation.

As witnesses attest, UFOs exhibit characteristics of a technology that is far ahead of ours. They have ultimate control and can evade our attempts to intercept them.

The question usually asked is: why don’t UFOs land?

Testimony, records and even photos affirm that they have landed and that beings have communicated, including with governments.

The real mystery in the whole situation seems to be the overwhelming evidence of a cover-up instigated by most governments, the effect of which has discouraged contact between extraterrestrials and the population at large – or even our planet as whole.

UFO contact

If governments won’t release their information, other contactees have done, even though they have braved the assaults of officialdom and its guard dogs, the media. There is one scenario that makes the most sense of the situation we are in, and that is the spiritual one.

The most significant accounts come from the contactees who have met advanced humanoid beings. These beings have radiated a spiritual presence and brought a teaching of peace and spiritual advancement. In fact, they are indistinguishable from other great spiritual Masters who have walked the Earth. There is no doubt that we on Earth need the help of these civilisations.

UFOs demonstrate an evolution beyond our puny realisations, but not only in the scientific sense.  If these intelligences were belligerent (like us!) they would have used their overwhelming power to take us over and exploit us many millennia ago. The fact they have not is a mark of their evolution.

Extraterrestrial intelligences and UFOs

UFO scount patrol vehicleOn Earth we are surrounded by higher planes of existence, and this is the same on the other planets in our system. Only Earth still supports life on the physical plane. Our isolation is fundamentally caused by us – by our lack of advancement; and we could add, our reluctance to recognise this path.

However, many of our cultures have always believed that space was teeming with life and that these beings come to Earth. The Hindu word “Avatar” means the descent of a deity to Earth.  In the space age, we know about the real universe. If these great beings are real, logic tells us they must reside on another world, a higher dimension, or both.

In fact Avatars are advanced extraterrestrial Masters from the higher planes of other planets who have, out of compassion for all mankind, incarnated into a human body on Earth.

With their advanced knowledge and power these great beings have brought us the truths of our existence. Beings of this immeasurable stature, such as the Master Jesus, the Lord Buddha and Sri Krishna have founded religions that have impacted on whole cultures. These religions have been altered in different ways by human frailty, but they originate from the same source.

Why are these beings revered? Because they have come with power, truth and love, and the divine spark or soul force within humanity recognises this in one way or another.

Only a few extraterrestrial Masters have incarnated on Earth. So advanced are these beings that only a part of their cosmic intelligence can be accommodated in an Earth physical body without harming it. This part is referred to as the ‘fourth aspect consciousness’.

UFOs helping Earth, past and present

Spacecraft that materialise onto the physical plane are also used by extraterrestrial Masters referred to as ‘Cosmic Masters’. This is another way they help the population of Earth.

  • The Star of Bethlehem – A famous UFO from history is the Star of Bethlehem which came to assist in the birth of the Cosmic Master Jesus. Commonsense (and physics) tells us this could not have been a star, because if a star was near enough to direct travellers to a stable, there would not have been much left of the stable…
  • Satellite Number 3 – Since 1955 we have known about a modern UFO called Satellite No. 3 which comes into orbit 4 times a year to radiate spiritual energy to the population of Earth. This energy helps to inspire and energise those who are performing unselfish actions for the good of the planet and their fellowmen. The input by this spacecraft has been the main reason we have not yet had a 3rd world war or a nuclear exchange, which in the minds of many is a miracle. Find out when it is next in orbit.

Cooperation with the Cosmic Masters

This knowledge of UFOs and the Cosmic Masters was given to The Aetherius Society by its founder, Dr George King, who was a channel par excellence for the Cosmic Masters. We say par excellence because he had undergone the discipline of strict meditation for eight hours a day for ten years which enabled him to become a Master of yoga before he was contacted by these advanced extraterrestrial Masters.

This ensured that he had the ability to be an exact Earth channel for the high vibrational communications of the Cosmic Masters; and that he had the knowledge to understand, and where necessary provide a commentary on, what they had to say.  Dr King’s cosmic sources included the Master Aetherius, Mars Sector 6 and the Master Jesus.

This resulted in cooperation between The Aetherius Society and the Cosmic Masters in very significant operations that are improving world karma in such a way that the effects of Earth changes are less intense. However, the participation of humans in these missions is essential to the karmic impact. All help is welcomed by the society.

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