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By Dr. George King

This little book, first published in 1957, contains a series of practices for personal health and well-being which can be practised by anyone, often with amazing results. There are seven simple practices, relating to breathing, eating, drinking, travelling, protection and cleansing the aura, as given by The Master Aetherius through the mediumship of Dr. King. It also contains numerous spiritual insights of great profundity which are tantalising clues into a whole world of advanced cosmic wisdom – especially in relation to spiritual healing.

Booklet; 28 pages.

Recommended to complementary therapists and anyone interested in techniques for enhanced wellbeing and spiritual attunement.

The foregoing practices can be successfully carried out by all, irrespective of class, creed or religious belief. They have been specially designed by the mind of a Cosmic Adept for the use of all right-thinking men to meet a specific need in these troubled times. – Dr George King