Become a spiritual healer

You may not realise this, but you can heal.

Spiritual healing is not a gift confined to the few, but an ability all of us can learn to develop.

A hands-on, practical workshop

This workshop will teach you how healing works, and give you an opportunity to practise the King Technique. So you will leave feeling prepared to give healing to others straight away.

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Demonstration of The King Technique of spiritual healingBecome a healer with The King Technique

The King Technique was devised by Dr George King – a Master of the ancient science of yoga, a brilliant psychic and a man with a deep compassion for humanity.

Dr king was adamant that anyone can render spiritual healing to others if they have the burning desire to do so.

Because of this, he developed this simple, safe technique so that you can offer healing to your friends and relatives.

Book included
Cover of the book: You Too Can Heal

Price includes a copy of You Too Can Heal, the classic textbook for spiritual healers.

Healing is one of the great, natural process of life

Dr King described spiritual healing as “a science in which the universal life forces are conveyed from the healer into the patient”.

Spiritual healing involves the use of the energies of the Cosmos, sometimes referred to as prana or universal life forces, which are available to us all in infinite abundance.

The King Technique is based on the principle that these universal energies flow through the chakras, or energy centres, in our aura. A rebalancing of these energies within the aura, will have a corresponding effect upon the physical body. This makes the technique a simple but highly effective means of helping others.

In this workshop you’ll discover how to channel these energies through yourself and radiate them to your patient, whoever that may be.

Your presenters

Simon Thode
Simon Thode

Simon has been giving healing for many years and is one of our healing coordinators.

“Healing is a very rewarding way in which I can help others and I look forward to helping others to unlock their own healing potential.”

Helen Thode
Helen Thode

Helen learnt the King Technique in 1989 and has been healing ever since. Helen is one of our healing coordinators.

“I am passionate about healing and love being able to share this with others”.

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Places available: Limited to only 12 participants

Date: Saturday 9 November 2019, 10am to 5pm

Location: The Aetherius Society, 269 Hinemoa St, Birkenhead, Auckland

Workshops Money-back Guarantee applies:

  • If you change your mind.
  • If it is cancelled for any reason.
  • Any time prior to the day of the workshop.
  • Providing textbook is returned in resellable condition.

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$100Includes a copy of the book 'You Too Can Heal'


$60Includes a copy of the book 'You Too Can Heal'
Everyone can become a healer