Discovering Universal Knowledge Discovery Evening

The word yoga literally means union with God.

The ancient yogis taught that knowing the mind of God is the way to understand the workings of the universe.

In the past, mystics and Masters gave this sort of information to students by initiation only. Now access to this is accelerating.

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Topics we’ll cover


  • The Law of Karma and how it is not a system of punishment and reward, but one of teaching and opportunity, for us all as individuals, but also for any other entity in the universe.
  • Our true history and the civilisations of Maldek, Lemuria and Atlantis.

The “I Am” Presence

  • The Divine nature or the “I Am Presence” which is a state of being transcending the highest intellectual thought.
  • Spiritual evolution and the progression from belief to inner knowledge.



  • The need for a balance between science and mysticism to deal with such immense issues as the beginning of the universe.
  • The transcendental state of timelessness known as ‘in the Now’.
  • The three aspects of creation, preservation and transmutation as keys to the evolutionary process and its ultimate destination.
  • The profound difference between freewill and freedom.

Life After death & the other realms

  • Reincarnation, the most widespread belief in the world, and how it ensures that we evolve.
  • The memory of past lives.
  • The subtle realms appropriate to our level of advancement that we go to when we die.
  • Guides on the other realms who can also help us.
  • The learning and teaching that happens on these realms.


Discovering Truth is the journey of life!

Truth contains within it the oneness between religion, science, metaphysics, philosophy and mysticism.


Julian Rosser

Julian Rosser

Exploring the deeper aspects of life has been a passion for Julian since he discovered the Eastern philosophies while studying Psychology at university.

“The more I learn, the more blown away I am by how great and mysterious life is.”

This talk will cover a great deal in a very short period of time!

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Date: Thursday 16 March 2017, 7pm – 8.15pm

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Location: The Aetherius Society, 269 Hinemoa St, Birkenhead, North Shore

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