Pendulum dowsing workshop

The ability to dowse with the pendulum is not a ‘gift’.

Successful use of the pendulum really comes down to how intuitive you are. It is a very good way of tapping the knowledge which is already in your subconscious or intuitive mind.

Some people think that only “gifted” people with very unique and special abilities are able to dowse. It’s true that some people are naturally better at it than others, just as some people are naturally better than others at riding a bike. However, almost anyone can learn to dowse with practice. The ability to do so lies within you already and is just waiting to be drawn out.

Topics we’ll cover

How to dowse with the pendulum

This pendulum dowsing workshop will help you discover how to use the pendulum in a number of different ways for your own benefit and to help others.

We’ll start by covering the basics of how the pendulum actually works. You’ll learn to use a pendulum and determine what your “yes” and “no” responses look like.

Advanced pendulum dowsing

You’ll learn to use the pendulum in a variety of others ways related to health and healing, including:

  • finding which foods suit you best
  • diagnosing vitamin requirements
  • tapping your intuitive and psychic powers
  • using it as a diagnostic aid for alternative therapies

A healthy balance of theory and practice

This workshop is recommended if you are a beginner to pendulum dowsing, but also if you are interested in psychic development in general.

As well as the theory, you’ll spend a lot of time actually using the pendulum. You are welcome to bring your own pendulum if you already have one, but we will also have pendulums available for you to borrow (or purchase) on the day.

Start developing your intuition with the pendulum

We all have intuitive powers but they are manifested in us in varying degrees, and for most of us these lie rather dormant. Through practice you can awaken these abilities and start to use them in your daily life. Pendulum dowsing is an excellent means of helping yourself in this awakening process.


Frank McManus
Frank McManus

Frank is a qualified Naturopath, Massage Therapist and Reflexologist. He is also an Ortho-Bionomy Practitioner and has been running workshops on spiritual subjects for over 30 years.

Olav Solberg
Olav Solberg

Olav has been a practitioner of holistic medicine for many years, both in the UK and New Zealand. He has learnt different styles and techniques, including oriental medicine.

Book now

Please note: we have pendulums you can borrow or purchase on the day, or you’re welcome to bring you own if you have one.

Places available: Limited to a maximum of 12 participants (this workshop sold out last time)

Date: Saturday 20 July 2019, 2pm – 4.30pm

Entry: $45 ($25 students/beneficiaries)

Location: The Aetherius Society, 269 Hinemoa St, Birkenhead, North Shore (parking available on site)

Standard ticket