King Yoga

Can you actually ‘open’ your chakras?

Where are the chakras and what do they do?

What role do they play in our spiritual journey?

If you want to unlock the mysteries of your chakras then come along and begin the journey.

The mysteries of the chakras

We all have chakras and an understanding of them is essential for spiritual development. We’ll look at:

What are they and where are they located?

What’s the difference between major and minor chakras?

What part do they play in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health?

How do they relate to psychic powers?

How to develop your chakras

Understanding your chakras can have a marked impact on your life. We’ll look at how you can improve how your chakras function and thereby improve your life, and how you can channel energy through your chakras.

Developing your chakras is one of the essential steps in your journey towards enlightenment. We all have to learn to control the incredible powers within them as we progress upon our spiritual journey through life. We’ll cover the role of the chakras in enlightenment and cosmic consciousness, and the relationship between the chakras and kundalini.


What are chakras?

We not only inhabit our physical body that we are all familiar with, but also a psychic body known as the aura. The aura is an energy body composed of spiritual or etheric matter that extends several inches beyond the physical body. The aura contains within it psychic centres or chakras. There are seven major chakras in the body, and hundreds of minor chakras.

What to expect

Experience spiritual practices

The spiritual practices taught by Dr George King are powerful, but also safe and very balanced. With practice, they can help you to raise your consciousness, develop your psychic abilities, increase your intuition, and develop your spiritual healing powers.

The truth about key spiritual teachings

The spiritual teachings given by and through Dr King are the most profound, and yet most practical, that you will find. These teachings were given by some of the greatest Masters who have ever contacted mankind upon Earth. You can experience this wisdom for yourself, by examining it in the light of your own knowledge, intuition and experience – with an open mind and a truth-seeking heart.

Share your experiences

Discuss the ideas and share your experiences with other like-minded people in an open and relaxed environment. Enjoy further discussion over tea and coffee afterwards.

See you there!

Date: Saturday 27 April 2019, 2pm – 3.15pm, followed by afternoon tea

Entry: $10 ($6 students/beneficiaries) – pay at the door

Location: The Aetherius Society, 269 Hinemoa St, Birkenhead, Auckland

Please register so we can make sure we have enough refreshments for all those attending


Tanya Solberg
Tanya Solberg

Tanya has been teaching workshops on a range of spiritual self-development subjects for over 20 years.

“I work as a chartered accountant and find that my spiritual side is an excellent balance to a busy work life.”

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What is King Yoga?

The Master of yoga Dr George King left a spiritual path we now know as King Yoga. It combines cosmic wisdom with practical actions you can use to develop yourself and help the world.

Yoga is union with God. King Yoga is a new form of yoga specially designed for spiritual light workers in these transitional times into the new age. King Yoga can be defined as union with God through the missions, teachings and practices given to us by Dr George King.

The most important difference between King Yoga and other yogas, is that King Yoga is first and foremost designed to help humanity as a whole rather than just the individual.

This path promises spiritual truth, sound practices for self-development, and opportunities to help others and the world in unprecedented ways.

  • Are you looking for spiritual truth, inner peace and a way to really make a difference in the world?
  • Do you want to develop your intuition? Would you like to really use your innate healing powers?
  • Do you want proper answers to the fundamental questions about why we are here – do you want to know what life’s really all about?

If the answer is yes, then King Yoga is for you!

As a spiritual seeker, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of claims being made by spiritual teachers. One says one thing – another says the opposite. What can you believe – or trust?

The only way to know is intuition, logic and sense perception.

Taught by Master of Yoga Dr George King (1919 – 1997), King Yoga is a spiritual path free from the outdated dogma of traditional religion – a spiritual path that can bring you real enlightenment, and enable you to change the consciousness of humanity as a whole.