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At the core of our beliefs is service to others. One of the most potent ways to be of service – both to individuals and to the world as a whole – is through the simple power of prayer.

In our world today there are so many causes that are worthy of our prayers. Fortunately, we don’t need to wait until we are saints before we can help the world. We can begin now to make a difference.

The founder of The Aetherius Society, Master of yoga Dr George King, said “A properly devised Prayer said with all your true Love is a key to the door of the miraculous.”

Our regular activities enable us to put this principle into action. Prayers said at home on our own are an excellent thing to do, but when we join together our efforts are even more powerful, especially during a Spiritual Push.

We warmly invite you to attend and experience it for yourself.

Twelve Blessings & absent healing services

Mondays, 8pm – 9pm*

In these services we use The Twelve Blessings to send out potent prayer energy to the world. Using an advanced technique of prayer and mantra we also send out healing energy to individuals or to trouble spots around the globe.

Power Circles

During a Spiritual Push the above is replaced with a power circle which includes two back-to-back Twelve Blessings services.

Operation Prayer Power

Wednesday evenings & Saturday mornings

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Operation Prayer Power is a mission performed by The Aetherius Society which allows prayer energy to be stored in a battery and then released when it is most needed in the world.

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Divine services

Sundays, 11am – 12 noon *

These services consist of readings from cosmic teachings, prayer, mantra and spiritual wisdom. We also play a recording of one of The Twelve Blessings, delivered by the Master Jesus through Dr George King in 1958.

These blessings were a series of twelve Transmissions that constitute a cosmic concept of reality in their purest form. They are an advanced form of spiritual practice – releasing tremendous energies to the world – and are the main religious practice within The Aetherius Society. We also regularly play a recorded address given by Dr King or one of our ministers from around the world.

* Please note that service times can change from time to time so see the calendar below for full details.

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