Radionic beech wood pendulum (clear lacquer)


Also available in red lacquer

The radionic pendulum is an excellent tool to help you to develop your intuitive and psychic abilities. It reacts with the subconscious and higher conscious minds to give physical movements with the swing of the pendulum. With the correct use, you can tap the forces of intuition within yourself and then, by careful experimentation, many things can be determined. You will be amazed at what you can find out by using the radionic pendulum.

Our radionic pendulums were designed by Dr George King, an expert in the field of radionics and shape power, who knew exactly how the pendulum works. Beech wood and a pure silk cord have been chosen as they are inert and do not hold on to any energy. This means the pendulum does not need to be constantly cleansed after each use.

Beech wood radionic pendulum specifications

  • Hand-made
  • Easy to use
  • European beech wood
  • Clear lacquer – also available with a red lacquer (identical except for lacquer colour)
  • Pure silk cord
  • 5cm tall
  • Simple instructions included

Hand crafted

Each radionic pendulum is hand made by Aetherius Society craftsmen to the highest possible standards from beech wood.

First they are shaped on a lathe in England and shipped to us in New Zealand. Then they go onto the lathe again to be sanded to a fine finish. They are then brushed with a sealing lacquer and allowed to dry for 24 hours before being recoated. This process is repeated eight times. After the final coat they are threaded with the silk cord, assembled and boxed up.

Please note that while the pendulum is an excellent tool for spiritual development, results do vary and cannot be guaranteed. The pendulum is of course not suitable for use in major or life-changing decisions.

Learn more about the pendulum in a workshop

Craftsman at work on a pendulum