Realise Your Inner Potential DVD

Realise Your Inner Potential is a course in spiritual living. Presented by spiritual teacher Richard Lawrence, it will help you to discover a new life of lasting fulfilment and teaches:

  • How to change your karma for the better
  • Mantra – the ancient science of sacred sound
  • Ways to send energy to others for healing, fulfilment and guidance
  • Techniques for personal magnetism
  • Power breathing for health, energy and heightened consciousness
  • How to find inner peace
  • The mighty inner power of kundalini
  • Developing the force of concentration
  • Mystic visualisations to expand your mind
  • Unleashing the inner power of intuition

This DVD was inspired by Dr. King, on whose teachings it is based. His down-to-earth approach to spiritual concepts – only possible because he had mastered everything he taught – is immediate and timeless, the hallmark of the truly enlightened Adept.

Alternatively – get the special package deal that includes the book and a lecture on CD.