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By Dr. George King

This classic first-edition hardback, published in 1961, is a collector’s item. It tells the true story of Dr. King’s visits, in a projected state, to other planets, and also describes in detail his first ever contact with an extraterrestrial intelligence.

There are also numerous profound spiritual teachings and revelations given by beings from other worlds, and the book concludes with a series of predictions of flying saucer sightings – all of which were confirmed in newspapers of the time.

Those who are interested in peace, progress and spiritual prosperity for all will find the answers to their problems within these pages, as amazing fact after fact is revealed concerning the highly advanced civilisations existing on other planets in the solar system. Beings living on thse planet have frequently visited this Earth for countless centuries.

Hardback; 173 pages.

Recommended to anyone with an open-minded interest in life on other planets and the spiritual message of cosmic beings to Earth.

In fact, if you will let us, we can advise you how to make things so different, that within fifty years, the earlier half of the century will seem like part of the dark ages. We cannot trespass upon those grounds which are closed to us. The choice is yours – you can receive us with open arms and we will help you to the best of our ability – or you can reject us. – The Master Aetherius