The planets in our Solar System are inhabited.

What is life like for beings living on Mars, Jupiter or Venus?

What kind of bodies do they have?

What do they do?

These and many other questions will be addressed at this revealing talk.

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Topics we’ll cover include:

The space beings themselves

  • The kind of bodies they inhabit
  • What they look like
  • How long they live
  • Some notable close encounters

Life on the planets in our solar system

  • How life exists on planets such as Mars even though NASA hasn’t found it yet
  • How life exists on Venus even though it is extremely hot
  • The living conditions on the planets Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn
  • Examples of beings from outside of our Solar System
  • Descriptions of their buildings

Cosmic Masters

For millions of years Earth has been visited by vehicles referred to in the past as ‘fiery chariots’ and more recently as ‘flying saucers’. These craft are piloted by beings ancient in comparison to us. They are vast intelligences who have risen above the troubles we face such as war, famine and disease. Their societies function in completely different ways to ours. They are highly spiritual and lead lives of service to others.

Where does this information come from?

Dr George King, a Master of yoga and founder of The Aetherius Society, was a channel for the Cosmic Masters. He communicated directly with beings from other planets in our Solar System.  Some of the message he received included detailed information about their planetary homes.

Your presenter

Tanya been interested in the spiritual significance of UFOs for many years. She has found the messages the Cosmic Masters have given through Dr King to have had a profound effect on her spiritual growth.

Listen to an extract from a previous talk given by Tanya on life on the planets.

Tanya Solberg
Tanya Solberg

See you there!

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Entry: $10 ($6 students/beneficiaries)

Location: The Aetherius Society, 269 Hinemoa St, Birkenhead, North Shore