Far more than just advanced technology, UFOs bring advanced spirituality.

Of the thousands of UFO sightings reported each year a small percentage are extraterrestrial craft. They are friendly in nature and have been known about by world governments for decades. Though completely physical they defy current scientific understanding.

But they are much more than just a physical phenomenon; they have a profound spiritual significance that is of great importance to the modern world.

Dr George King, a Master of yoga and a medium for extra-terrestrial intelligences, took over 600 Cosmic Transmissions during his lifetime. These message contain wisdom of great significance to our future as a race.

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In this talk you’ll hear about:

The spirituality of the universe

Cosmic Masters are the advanced beings behind the UFOs we see. Their motive for visiting us is altruistic, they simply want to help us. They are doing this in some incredible ways, some of which even give us the opportunity to cooperate with them!

Satellite Number 3 & Spiritual Pushes

The craft known as Satellite No. 3 visits four times each year to perform ‘Magnetisation Periods’, also known as Spiritual Pushes.

During these periods all unselfish actions upon earth are potentised by a factor of 3000 because of the function of this spacecraft.

Why are they here?

They have been visiting Earth throughout our history. They are more spiritually advanced than Masters here on Earth, or even Ascended Masters. They are also occasionally born on Earth and live among us. We’ll provide some outstanding examples of these who were some of the great spiritual leaders throughout history.

UFO references from history

  • Significant UFO sightings recorded in the bible
  • Other references to UFOs in history, art and culture

The message of the Cosmic Masters

The Cosmic Masters, our spiritual elders from other worlds, have come again to help us in our time of need.

They have delivered their messages to the political and religious leaders, and have been ignored.

They come now to you, with compassion and desire to help.

They come with great hope, offering mystical tools of white magic that can give you the spiritual power available only to advanced adepts centuries ago.

Hear a recording of a Cosmic Master speaking

We’ll play a recording of a Cosmic Master speaking through Dr George King while he was in trance.

Hear for yourself the power and wisdom contained in one of these messages.

Your presenter

Frank has always been interested in UFOs and the spiritual opportunity they represent.

After researching them for decades he has some fascinating insights to share.

Frank McManus
Frank McManus

See you there!

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Location: The Aetherius Society, 269 Hinemoa St, Birkenhead, North Shore