Little book of karma

By Richard Lawrence

Nothing exists outside of karma. It is a completely natural law, which pervades every aspect of every life of every person on the planet. It is compassionate, yet completely fair in the essence of love combined with the exactness of justice.

Every thought, every action, every feeling you have is affected by your past karma and affects your future karma for better or for worse.

This little book could change your life. All you have to do is open it at any page at any time and act upon what it means to you at that moment.

Soft cover, 158 pages.

Most people think of Karma solely as something that was caused in past lives and that we are now creating the Karma of our future lives. This approach, which permeates much of Eastern philosophy, misses the main point: Karma is created every second of every minute twenty-four hours a day even while you are asleep. Yes, we are a result of our past lives – but we are also a result of what we did yesterday. – Richard Lawrence